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Up Your Home Entertainment Game With Garnishes!

As social gatherings are becoming more regular, especially with the holiday season just around the corner, you may find yourself looking for different ways to impress your friends and family. Yes, you can use our garnishes to make fancy cocktails, but you can up other aspects of your home entertainment too! Check out the details below:

  1. Cheese and charcuterie boards: Spruce up your boards by adding some extra colour with garnishes such as raspberries and blood oranges. Sitting the garnishes on top of cheeses or tucking them around with other items like cured meats and nuts will make your board stand out.

  2. Baked goods: Add some decorations to your baked goods with garnishes such as lemons and oranges! Laying the garnishes on top of items such as lemon squares or tucking them into the frosting of cupcakes will add and eye catching touch to your treats.

  3. Mocktails: Not everyone drinks, but that doesn't mean they don't want to feel like part of the party! Making pretty mocktails with garnishes to match will have your guests feeling as though they are sipping drinks at a fancy restaurant.

  4. Water: Everyone needs to hydrate, and fruit water is already a thing, so why not save the fresh stuff for snacking and use garnishes instead! You'd be surprised by the flavour they give off and can be used to both decorate and infuse.

  5. Cocktails: Of course, we couldn't leave cocktails of the list. Just check out our other blog posts, as well as Instagram Reels, for tasty drink recipes!

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