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Our Favourite Canadian Craft Soda Waters

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Ontario craft beer and cider have been hitting the market hard in the last few years. Now, we have craft soda water and vodka soda beverages to add to the mix! Check out a couple of our favourite pre-made and mix-worthy sodas below.


  1. Brock Street Vodka Soda

    1. Available in 8 flavours with different ABV percentages, this is one of our go-tos for when we are feeling lazy but still want a tasty drink. Being Ontario made and offering at-home delivery, we have at least a couple in a fridge at any given time.

  2. NUTRL Vodka Soda

    1. With 9 classic flavours, 4 fruit juice flavours, and 4 higher ABV options they have something for everyone! Hand crafted in British Columbia you can taste the effort out into every can.


  1. Sap Sucker Sparkling Tree Water

    1. Made from freshly tapped maple trees in Ontario, this craft soda water is a perfect pair for your favourite vodka. They have something for everyone's tastebuds with their flavours. Their natural has a slight maple hint, as well as the lemon, lime, and grapefruit are classics.

  2. Daydream Drinks

    1. Sometimes, you don't want an alcoholic beverage but are still looking for a tasty drink to relax with. That's where Daydream drinks comes in! Their sodas are infused with extracts such as Ginseng, Moringa, Schisandra, and Hemp for a myriad of natural benefits.

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