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How We Got Here

The last year and half was wild! Covid-19 changed so much, including home life, work, how we interact with each other, and what's important. The way we entertain, socialize and spend time together completely changed overnight. No longer able to visit restaurants, patios or bars we had to adapt and up our home entertaining game.


​The focus for entertaining shifted from fast and convenient to slow and special. We learned how to bake and cook at home. People became more concerned with quality of life; what they were eating and drinking, where it came from, who made it, and how they could support neighbourhood businesses. Local and artisanal became features consumers prioritized.


Cocktail Companions was born of these trends. We love visiting bars and restaurants with our friends and trying new beverages. When we couldn’t go out on the town anymore, we decided to craft our own tasty cocktails for our social bubble. Premium small batch liquors as well as fresh and flavourful mixes are always our first picks. But we could never quite replicate the impression a professional cocktail makes without the elegant finishing touches mixologists add. We struggled to find quality garnishes for our at home bar. So, after a little research, we decided to produce our own line of premium cocktail garnishes!


We’re delighted you’ve joined us on our journey. Cheers to friends, fun and good times.


Your Companions,

Kate Andrews & Mark Veysey

Lots of dried lime, lemon, orange, and blood orange slices, as well as dried raspberries
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