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Cocktail Companions Glass Rimmers

Glass rimmers are a great way to add both aesthetic and flavour to your favourite drinks. We thoughtfully created both salt and sugar based flavours that you can pair with any beverage! For example, use our salt based rimmers for tequila cocktails and caesars, sugar based rimmers for vodka and prosecco cocktails, or choose your favourite flavour and simply add some extra flavour to a glass of sparkling water or mocktail.

We are happy to be able to flavour our rimmers in a low waste way by taking our extra dehydrated garnishes and blending them into powders. We then mix our flavour powders with salt and/or sugar and occasionally add additional spices such as jalapeño, ginger, or cinnamon for more complex flavours. Below is some information on how to best use our rimmers and details of each flavour.

When starting off your cocktail making session, we recommend shaking your rimmer tin to break up any clumps that may have accumulated over time. You can either rim your glass directly in the tin or sprinkle some of the rimmer onto a plate. To rim, get a fresh wedge of citrus, add a small slice into the middle, fit the edge of the glass into the slice in the wedge, rub it around the entirety of the rim, and then gently dip your glass into the tin or the powder on the plate.

Salt based rimmers

Classic Citrus Splash

Our salt based rimmers are actually made with equal parts salt and sugar for a less harsh taste. Our “Classic Citrus Splash” rimmer is flavoured with lemon powder and lime powder. It is perfect for a classic margarita or Paloma.

The Zinger

This rimmer has our salt base, lemon powder, as well as some dried jalapeño powder for extra flavour! It is a great way to add some zing to a class tequila cocktail or enhance the flavour of a spicy drink, such as our “slightly spicy margarita.”

Sugar based rimmers

Walking on Sunshine

Using a pure sugar base and flavoured with clementine, blood orange, and lemon powders, this rimmer is bursting with citrus flavour! It is a great margarita rimmer for those who don’t like salt as much and works perfectly with an already citrus forward vodka soda.

Pretty in Pink

This rimmer is as beautiful as it is delicious. With a pure sugar base and flavoured with raspberry and blood orange, you can up the flavour of any citrus or berry forward cocktail. Try adding some extra aesthetic to your champagne flute as well or glass of rosé as well!

Spill the Tea

If you love fall flavours, this rimmer is for you! Have a sip of fall any time of the year with this sugar based rimmer flavoured with clementine powder as well as ginger and cinnamon. Try it with your next bourbon or whiskey drink or add some extra flavour to an iced tea!

We hope you enjoy our rimmers as much as we do! Try out our dehydrated garnishes and simple syrup kits for a full at home cocktail experience.

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