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How to Enhance Your Cocktails

Adding garnishes are a simple way to enhance the aesthetics of your at home cocktails! Of course, Cocktail Companions dehydrated citrus and raspberries are a go-to, however, there are a number of other ways to up your aesthetics as well! Check out a couple of our favourites below:

  1. Fresh Herb Sprigs: Add a pop of green, as well as a fresh scent, to your cocktails.

    1. Pro Tip: Use the herb sprig as a skewer for additional garnishes like citrus slices!

  2. Cocktail Rimmers: Use sugar, salt, and other natural flavours to rim your glasses before adding your cocktail.

    1. Pro Tip: Keep an eye our for new product releases from Cocktail Companions!

  3. Stone Fruit Wedges: Both decor and a snack!

    1. Pro Tip: Use fruit that is not quite rip for a stronger hold on the glass

  4. Fresh Berries: Whether muddled or floating on top, berries are a great cocktail addition.

    1. Pro Tip: Use berry jam in your shaker cocktails for both flavour and colour!

  5. Citrus Peels: Perfect for the daintier cocktails.

    1. Pro Tip: Break Cocktail Companions garnishes into smaller pieces for cocktails that you don't want to overwhelm with a full slice!

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