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8 Easy Tips for Upping Your Home Bar!

Who doesn't love having some friends over for a few drinks? Whether it's the pre for something else, or the main event itself, entertaining at home is a great way to truly connect with your loved ones. These tips will make sure that you're able to wow your guests every time they come over!

  1. Cocktail Garnishes: Garnishes make your drinks seem a little more professional and a fun way to get creative with flavour pairings.

  2. Fancy Ice: Ice is a must for cocktails, so get some of those giant cube trays to jazz up your drinks!

  3. Nice Glasses: Any drink looks better in a nice glass!

  4. Cocktail Shaker: A shaker allows you to change up the types of drinks you can make.

  5. Basic Mixers: Basic mixers like soda water, tonic water, ginger beer, lime juice and lemon juice are a staple in countless cocktails.

  6. A Variety of Alcohol: You never know what your friends are going to want to drink! We find it best to at least have vodka, gin, and either rum or tequila to cover your bases.

  7. A Sweetener: a sweetener like simple syrup, grenadine, or elderflower liqueur can open you up to even more cocktail recipes.

  8. Good Friends: We think this one speaks for itself!

Check out our other posts for tasty drink recipes! Head over to our Instagram Page for video versions of our tips and drinks.

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