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The Extra Boozy Mimosa

This "mimosa" doesn't actually have orange juice in it, rather mandarin liqueur, and it has vodka. So perhaps it's not for every brunch, but it's perfect for a special occasion! This drink is refreshing and perfect for a Spring occasion like Mother's Day. Check out the full recipe below:

  1. In a shaker with ice add the following ingredients:

    1. 1oz Vodka

    2. 1oz Mandarin liqueur

    3. 0.5oz Lemon juice

    4. 0.5oz Simple syrup

  2. Shake for approximately 15 seconds to chill

  3. Pour into a large glass with ice

  4. Add approximately 2oz Prosecco

  5. Top with soda water

  6. Garnish with dehydrated clementine slices!

Check out our Instagram page for videos of this cocktail and more!

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