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Summer Mango Marg

This might be our favourite drink we’ve ever made! Sweet mango, tart lime, and floral hibiscus balance for a delicious tropical flavour. Mixed with smooth tequila and garnished with our “Walking on Sunshine” glass rimmer and dehydrated lime slices, you’ve got the perfect summer mango margarita.

This drink is definitely best enjoyed outdoors and in the sun. Whether you’re barbequing in the back yard, sitting on the front porch, or hanging out on the dock at the cottage, you’ll want this drink in hand. Make it in a pitcher to easily share with friends or in a blender with ice for an even more refreshing version! Check out the full recipe below:

1. In a shaker with ice, add the following ingredients:

a. 2oz Silver tequila

b. 1oz Lime juice

c. 1oz Mango juice

d. 0.5oz Hibiscus simple syrup

2. Shake for approximately 15 seconds, to combine ingredients

3. Rim your cocktail glass and add ice

4. Pour drink into cocktail glass

5. Garnish with dehydrated lime slices and hibiscus petals

6. Enjoy!

*Replace tequila with vodka, if preferred.

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תגובה אחת

Mark Veysey
Mark Veysey
23 ביוני 2022

I COULD NOT put this one down, so delicious!!!

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