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Smoked Bourbon & Peach

Smokey and sweet, this cocktail is great for any fall day and paired particularly well with the Thanksgiving long weekend! It's well balanced and flavourful, without being overpowering, making it a great addition to any get-together. Check out the full recipe below.

  1. Smoke your cocktail glass by burning small (food grade) wood chips on a flame resistant surface and placing your glass upside down over the chips.

  2. While your glass is being smoked, add the following ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice:

    1. 1.5oz Bourbon

    2. 1oz Peach juice

    3. 0.5oz Lemon juice

    4. 6 Dashes of peach bitters

    5. 4 Dashes of aromatic bitters

  3. Shake for approximately 10-15 seconds to mix and chill ingredients.

  4. Flip your cocktail glass right side up and add a large ice cube.

  5. Pour drink from the shaker into glass.

  6. Recommended garnishes: Cocktail Companions orange and lemon slices

Check out our Instagram Page for a video of us making this cocktail and more!

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