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Cocktails with Beatties Distillers

Beatties Distillers' Farm to Bottle Potato Vodka and Gin are our go-to's for at home cocktails! Their Sweet Potato vodka is as smooth as can be, their Blueberry & Lemongrass vodka is refreshing, and their Cranberry & Blood Orange Gin is unique. Check out a few cocktails we've made using their delicious liquors over the last few months:

  1. Blueberry & Lemongrass Vodka:

  2. In a shaker add the following ingredients:

  3. 1.5oz Vodka

  4. 0.75oz Lemon juice

  5. A dollop of Blueberry jam

  6. A handful of ice

  7. Shake for approximately 15 seconds and then pour over ice

  8. Top with soda water

  9. Garnish with Cocktail Companions lemon slices

  10. Cranberry & Blood Orange Gin:

  11. In a glass with ice, add the following ingredients:

  12. 1.5oz Gin

  13. 1oz Cranberry juice

  14. 0.5oz Lime juice

  15. Top with Soda Water or Prosecco (depending on your mood)

  16. Garnish with Cocktail Companions blood orange and lime slices

  17. Sweet Potato Vodka:

  18. In a glass with ice, add the following ingredients:

  19. 1oz Vodka

  20. 1oz Aperol

  21. 0.5oz Simple syrup

  22. 0.5oz Orange juice

  23. Top with Prosecco

  24. Garnish with Cocktail Companions clementine slices

Check out our Instagram Page for video recipes!

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