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Bourbon Ginger Punch

With peach and ginger, this bourbon punch is fruity and refreshing; perfect for summer! Get a little bit creative with this drink and use your peach jam instead of juice. Spicy or not, top this drink with a little bit of ginger beer for the perfect kick. Check out our full recipe below:

  1. In a shaker with ice, add the following ingredients:

    1. 1oz Bourbon

    2. 1oz Orange liqueur

    3. 0.5oz Lemon juice

    4. 1tbsp Peach jam

    5. 8 dashes Peach bitters

  2. Shake for approximately 15 seconds

  3. Pour over lots of ice

  4. Top with your favourite ginger beer (we used gosling)

  5. Garnish with our dehydrated clementine slices

  6. Enjoy!

Check out our Instagram Page for video recipes of this drink and more!

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