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Our Favourite Fall Flavours

Now that it is officially fall, we are excited to use some more of our favourite ingredients! Check out the details below.

  1. Whiskey: Keeps you warm as the weather gets cold and wet.

  2. Bourbon: Similar to whiskey with a little extra kick!

  3. Gin: Not just for the warmer months! Gin pairs nicely with aromatic fall flavours

  4. Vodka: Honestly, vodka is just our go to. It’s a year round type of liquor.

  5. Stone fruit hard cider: With seasonal fruits this is delicious on its own or when mixed with a few extra boozes.

  6. Prosecco: Prosecco is always great to add a little fizz without watering down the drink ;)

  7. White wine: Pairs surprisingly well with whiskey and our previously mentioned favourite cider!

  8. Peach: Seasonal and delicious! We like peach bitters, peach juice, and to muddle the fruit!

  9. Lemon: Always a classic.

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