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Ginger anyone?

Refreshing and with a little kick to it, this cocktail is a year round pleaser! With fresh lemon juice to help cut the spice from the ginger sparkling water and gin, this cocktail is nicely balanced. With only three ingredients, not including ice or garnishes, this is a simple cocktail but delicious cocktail. Check out the recipe below!


  1. Ice

  2. 1.5oz Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger flavoured gin

  3. 1/2oz lemon juice

  4. Top with Bottle Green Ginger & Lemongrass sparkling water

  5. Stir

  6. Recommended garnishes: Cocktail Companions lemon and lime slices

  7. Enjoy!

You can also find a video of us making this cocktail on our Instagram profile, check out our reels!

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